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Cami DeanCami Dean has been working in the educational consulting field for over 15 years. She is the daughter of two of the finest consultants in America. Mike and Alice Shepperd started the educational placement business over 30 years ago. Cami grew up in a home that discussed individual family needs, and traveled the nation to find the best schools in America. It was their every conversation poring over the educational reports and psychological testing results. She personally knows numerous psychologists, therapists, educational experts and schools directors. They know and trust our family, and we have come to understand the smallest of details about them, to find  exactly what you need.
Cami attended Texas Woman’s University, and specialized in deaf education. She personally thrives off of knowing your family will restore, heal and find what can make the family grow. Many times families come to us not really feeling their is hope of even being able to make it to college. It can be different reasons, but hope is gone. She knows how excellent a child can do finding the right place. She has seen a young boy that will not come out of his room, no friends, fighting with his parents, and failing all his classes. Then with the placement made personally seen the school play, using play therapy, the same boy literally “The Hit” of the night, the star of the play. When you select the best place for your needs, you can achieve so much more than you can imagine! Dreams really do come true with her specialized placement. The boy is communicating with his parents, happy, friends with everyone and caught up in his classes. He or she will go on to an excellent college .
Take advantage of our experience, to ensure your child get the right program the first time.


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